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chp3 question1

Physics: Principles with Applications

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http://www.hwproblems.com/cgi-bin/book.cgi?bookid=0044&cptn=3qu1&id=489216 Chapter 3, Question 1 Question Problem Even though the cars are moving with the same speed, their velocities are different because they are moving in different directions. One car is moving east and its displacement will be directed towards the East. Similarly the car moving north has a displacement towards the North. Velocity is displacement divided by time. It is a vector quantity so it signifies both the magnitude
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Unformatted text preview: (numerical value) of how fast an object is moving and also the direction in which it is moving. Thus, in this case the velocities are different because one car is having velocity directed towards east and another having its velocity towards north. http://www.hwproblems.com/cgi-bin/book.cgi?bookid=0044&cptn=3qu1&id=489216 [2/4/2008 3:59:29 PM]...
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