Western Civilization II Class Notes

Western Civilization II Class Notes - Western Civilization...

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Western Civilization II Class Notes Absolutism – Political Theory Thomas Hope – Divine Right Theory 17 th Century Dominant Episode effected every country in Europe 1618: Bohemia – (Central Europe, current Czech Republic) Capital: Prague – Holy Roman Empire People of Bohemia: Protestant Catholic and Protestants don’t get along too well Defenestration of Prague Bohemia is becoming Protestant but HRE is Catholic Government officials meet in Prague Castle Bohemia officials meet with HRE officials Emperor represented by 2 Germans Emperor wants to oppose Catholicism Bohemians get angry and throw him out window 2 officials thrown out window 2 things follow - 2 officials fall 70 ft and survive - Rumor spread that officials are saved by angels Protestants say it is nonsense *Catholics become antsy, Protestants worried Led to hot war, Every country in Europe is involved 30 years war – 1618-1648 Religious war – Catholic vs. Protestant Scandinavians, Germans, Italian, French all involved Took place in and around Germany Deadly and destructive Germany is last country in Europe to become a country 30 year war had everything to do to delay German Unification Treaty of Westphalia Result: Spain declining France is on the rise Sweden is on the rise
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Henry IV – Protestant but converted to Catholicism to become ruler of France Politique – someone who is a patriot, puts his country over religious interest Henry made France politically stable Pulled France out of wars Interested in Agriculture, rich country for Farming Good leadership brought Prosperity and Peace to France First Bourbon King in France Found good people to help him in government Heard stories about private life, making a bad example for France People wondered if he was really Catholic? Did he just do it to become King
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Western Civilization II Class Notes - Western Civilization...

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