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Western Civ STUDY guide, Test II

Western Civ STUDY guide, Test II - Western Civ Class Notes...

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Western Civ. Class Notes Test II September 26, 2007 Chapter 5 – Rome Pre Republic – 509 b.c Republic – 509-31 b.c Empire – 31 b.c – 476 a.d Pre Republic People were very illiterate Depend on Archeology for information Very good historians in Rome because they had a very good History Language Spoken – Latin Livy – Roman Historian. (died in 17 AD) Born in Northern Italy (Padua) Superb writer in Latin Wrote many books, Most important - History of Rome 142 volumes to write History of Rome. 750 years of History. Book was an instant best seller. Sold in sets of 10 Only 35 volumes left He believed he was the man to save Rome from self destruction He believed that everything was going bad towards the end His writing was very poetic and literate. Writings told stories Books are history conveying a moral purpose. His books had a moral purpose Vestal Virgins Roman women Serve the goddess “Vesta” (Goddess of the home) keep the home fire burning Everything is stable is fire is burning Responsible for keeping the fire burning eternally Everything will be ok if fire is kept lit You are always able to light your fire from theirs Vestal virgins are selected from a committee Must be from good families, true Romans, cannot be slaves Choose girls between the age of 6-10 Girls are Vestal Virgins for the next 30 years 1 st 10 years – Student 2 nd 10 years – Serves as a Vestal Virgin 3 rd 10 years – Teacher Very prestigious to marry a Vestal Virgin
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Many Vestal Virgins decide not to marry because men have total power in families Very Prestigious for a man to marry a Vestal Virgin Vestal Virgins are very independent women More benefits than regular women Always invited to banquets given all the best food and wine Had best seats in events, theaters, coliseum Are able to own property and have a will Fire burnt out on occasion. A virgin did a miss-deed If Vestal Virgins sin – punishment is being Buried Alive Romulus & Remus – Founders of Rome (Twins) Mother was a Vestal Virgin Father was Mars (God of War) When Born, put in a cradle along the banks of the Tiber river and left to die Wolf grabbed the boys and raised them along with her cubs Made a home along the 7 hills of Rome Romulus and Remus get into an argument and Romulus kills Remus Romulus – 1 st King of Rome (753 B.C.) Rome is now a new city Very Little Men. More men than Women Romulus invites neighboring community to gathering Sabine Sabine men are given beer. Men get drunk Roman men grab women and run. Sabine men are pushed aside. Rape of the Sabine women
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Western Civ STUDY guide, Test II - Western Civ Class Notes...

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