If I was President Essay

If I was President Essay - Mills 1 Throughout my childhood...

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Mills 1 Throughout my childhood, the ability to view life in a single snap shop was sparked by the wisdom of my grandfather, and fueled by the constant callous and rusted taste of my own blood. It is my belief that, as of late, this nation has been driven by the taste of its own blood, as I once was. However, the days of ignorance cause by self absorbance are at an end, and the dawning of enlightenment through socially logical understanding is at hand. My unique childhood and travailing young-adulthood taught me to always persist to achieve what is deemed by others to be impossible. With our economy growing at an exponential rate and our population, both documented and undocumented, increasing almost instantaneously, it is vital for us as Americans to unite and accept the differences and reject any prejudice pretensions, whether they are caused by ignorance or envy, of those we come in contact with. Although perfection can be considered unascertainable in a fallacious government system, it is my opinion that improvement CAN be accomplished with several improvements on certain laws. The fundamental basis for any concept of ambition is fueled by the monetary reward of success. Yet, as a government institution founded on the desire of freedom, it is not only contradictive, but utterly recalcitrant to impose a tax on those whose ambitious actions have been successfully
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Mills 2 compensated within our economic system. Since the unbalanced imposition of Capital Gains Taxes began in 1921, those taxes have been a burden and in some extreme cases, a motivating factor in the rampant business corruption
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If I was President Essay - Mills 1 Throughout my childhood...

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