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chp3 question9

Physics: Principles with Applications

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Chapter 3, Question 9 Question Problem Even if the speed is constant, the velocity can change due to change in direction, like in the case of circular motion. Velocity has magnitude as well as direction. If either of these changes, the velocity also changes. In the case of circular motion, the magnitude may remain unchanged, but the direction keeps changing because of the circular path. Since the velocity changes, there is an acceleration
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Unformatted text preview: associated with it, because acceleration is the change of velocity per unit time. However, the speed may remain constant in circular motion. Thus, a particle with constant speed can be accelerating. However, there will be no acceleration if the particle moves with constant velocity. http://www.hwproblems.com/cgi-bin/book.cgi?bookid=0044&cptn=3qu9&id=489216 [2/4/2008 3:59:56 PM]...
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