Echo Park Assignment - 1 Michael Guevara 09/19/07 English...

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Michael Guevara 09/19/07 English Composition 10803 Dr. Violet O’Valle Courtesy of the 20 Blocks My past had never seemed to manifest itself so vibrantly, until I went to college. My stay at multiple high schools, eight to be exact, has reminded me of one thing, Echo Park. Coming from two barely high school graduate parents, I realized at a young age that when you’re poor, you can’t live in a Beverly Hills house that is filled with the sea breeze aroma of its beach front origins, like most would like to naively think. So as a result, I moved around from Watts, Lynnwood, Long Beach, Echo Park, and a couple of other places, all of which, had over the years complied the vile fragrance of its residents reveling in their excrement like ambitions. For the MTV generation that probably doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I moved around East LA and South Central. The funny thing about it is that thanks to the disproportionate misrepresentations of MTV and Hollywood, my childhood hangouts have been unjustly glorified by the simple three beat tunes of rappers, and the high octane films by single minded directors who think that the ghetto is a place to be glorified; but the callous and rusted taste of my very own blood caused daily by the idiotic things I used to do had lost is artificially profound sense of glory the moment I stepped back and observed my life. It isn’t very easy to take a picture of me now, a clean cut student at a private university, and infuse it with the video clips of Boyz N’ the Hood or Training Day , and having sound bites of Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg echoing in the 1
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background, but truth be told, I’m the one in a million kid who left the block, courtesy of the block. Echo Park was my genesis, or rather my introduction for observing life in a single
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Echo Park Assignment - 1 Michael Guevara 09/19/07 English...

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