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Echo Park Poem - The graffiti in bold to all others told of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ECHO PARK: I walked the chalk streets Echo Park at the innocent age of five My conscience clean, free from the obscene and ready for a dive Its concrete pavements were cracked and filled with the ignorance of old The quicksand traps, within those cracks, equally bound the weak and bold I walked the chalk streets of Echo Park at the naive age of ten My soul was dark, and cleverly marked, as a sign of the lions den The deadbeat dads with crackwhore moms, and unforgiving priests Took my chalk of play, and used it that day, to mark where they deceased I walked the chalk streets of Echo Park at the dense age of fifteen My ignorance peaked, and future bleak, till the veil began lifting The callous taste, of my own blood made small victories taste like defeat
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Unformatted text preview: The graffiti in bold, to all others told, of the gangs that would rule the streets I walk the chalk streets of Echo Park at my present age of twenty My vision clear, as hell re-appeared when I saw the ignorance of many The bloodstained streets, and chalk outlines were warnings to all who passed As the infected foam, on what once was my home, ignorance, a disease that was vast Those preying eyes, through judging lives brought misery and doubt To a group of people starving for knowledge and simply going without When time goes by, though many may die, I will remember Echo park As my private school, and Jacob's ladder, into light and out of the dark...
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