Quiz #2 Vocab

Quiz #2 Vocab - Gregorian Chant is the large body of...

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Gregorian Chant is the large body of unaccompanied vocal music, set to sacred Latin texts, written for the Western Church. Plainsong is a type of monophonic church music sung in free rhythm and a cappella. Melismatic is the word used to describe a vocal passage in which a performer sings one syllable over many notes. Organum is the name given to early polyphony of the Western Church. Mass is the central religious service of the Roman Catholic Church that incorporates singing. Soprano is the highest female voice part. Alto is the lower of the two female voice parts. Tenor is the highest male vocal range. Bass is the lowest male voice range. A Motet is a polyphonic vocal composition based on sacred text. A cappella is music for voices only, without instrumental accompaniment. Imitation is when one or more musical voices or parts are duplicated exactly for a period of time. Counterpoint is the harmonious opposition of two or more independent lines of music. A madrigal is a secular vocal work of the Renaissance for several voices that originally set Italian love poems Word painting is the process of depicting the text in music by means of expressive musical devices. Dissonance is the disagreeable and unstable sound of pitches. It gives a sense of tension. Falsetto
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Quiz #2 Vocab - Gregorian Chant is the large body of...

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