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Gillespie 1 Graham Gillespie UH 155-001 Dr. Bill Stewart 6 April 2008 Criminal Justice at the Capstone At the collegiate level, a criminal justice department provides students with courses that explore the systems of law enforcement involved in the apprehension, prosecution, defending, sentencing, and incarceration of those suspected of or charged with criminal offenses. The University of Alabama is one of 23 post-high school educational systems that offer criminal justice programs ( U.S. College Search ). According to the University’s 2005-2006 enrollment report, the Capstone’s Criminal Justice Department currently has 341 students enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs (2005-2006 Anuual Report). The department promises “to develop and disseminate knowledge about crime, criminal justice, deviance, and social organization through research, teaching, and service to the community. [T]he department respects liberal values, encourages open-mindedness, and pursues in its programs both demographic and curricular diversity,” (Criminal Justice). The department offers a major and minor in criminal justice and a minor in sociology, as well as a Master of Science degree in criminal justice (Criminal Justice). The Criminal Justice Department’s undergraduate program allows students to choose to major or minor in criminal justice and/or minor in sociology (Criminal Justice). The focus of undergraduate program is “to introduce students to established and contemporary theory, research skills, and requirements of practice in the field of criminal justice,” (Mission Statement). The program also promises to properly prepare students to join the professional ranks in criminal justice or social services and to prepare students to
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Gillespie 2 gain admission to prominent social science and professional graduate programs around
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UADeptofCJPrograms - Gillespie 1 Graham Gillespie UH...

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