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Gillespie 1 Graham Gillespie UH 155-001 Dr. William Stewart 11 February 2008 Alabama Hospital Association The Alabama Hospital Association (AlaHA) is a statewide organization whose members include hospitals, health care systems, and other companies and organizations related to health care. Since this organization’s founding in 1921, the AlaHA has served the health care needs of the state through advocacy, representation, education, and service. The AlaHA’s main office is in Montgomery, along with the association’s legislative office. A regional office is located in Birmingham (“Our Story”). The AlaHA considers advocacy to be a very important part of its service in providing health care for the state of Alabama, as evidenced by the organization’s legislative office. The AlaHA actively supports legislation that positively affects the health care in the state of Alabama. Since 1992, AlaHA, along with other organizations, has teamed up with Voices for Alabama’s Children, a non-profit organization that works to ensure that every child in Alabama has a decent childhood. Through the combined efforts of these organizations, forty-four bills related to improving the health and safety of children have successfully passed through the Alabama State Legislation ( VOICES for Alabama’s Children ). One bill, The Baby Douglas Bill, made it illegal for health care workers to over-medicate a child in order to “drug the child or alter the child’s behavior beyond what is medically prescribed or with reckless disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of the child” (Chandler). AlaHA also provides resources providing information concerning advocacy. On the organization’s web site, one can find the AlaHA’s Hospital’s Guide to Grassroots
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Gillespie 2 Advocacy . In this electronic handbook, advocacy-related topics include: “Activating Your Grassroots Program”, “Planning Meetings and Events”, and “Working with the Media”. Also included in the handbook is a Legislative Glossary, which provides anyone involved
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AHApaper - Gillespie 1 Graham Gillespie UH 155-001 Dr...

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