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Gillespie 1 Graham Gillespie UH 155-001 Dr. William Stewart 3 March 2008 Privacy vs. Protection In times of war, American citizens must make sacrifices in order to aid their country in its efforts to defeat its enemy. While soldiers risk their lives while fighting on the front lines, citizens are also affected by war, providing food and clothing for soldiers. In past wartimes, Americans have sacrificed certain personal rights, improving the country’s national security. At the present time, Americans find themselves involved in another war. However, the circumstances of this war are distinct and unfamiliar for America, as the United States attempt to wage war against terrorism. Terrorists are not easily identified or located, nor do they use traditional war tactics. These cowards use surprise attacks on ordinary citizens to intimidate their targets. In response to this new warfare, America’s government has increased its surveillance, both internationally and domestically. These surveillance practices have resulted in a fierce argument over privacy rights. Should the government be allowed tap its citizens’ phone lines and access personal databases in order to increase national security, or does the necessity to protect the privacy rights of Americans outweigh the importance of protection America from future terrorist attacks? It is acceptable for Americans to sacrifice personal privacy in order to provide increased protection for the country. As President George W. Bush said, “If al-Qaeda’s
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PrivacyvsProtection - Gillespie 1 Graham Gillespie UH...

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