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Review Sheet for Test 1 GEOG100-World Regional Geography Note s: I expect you to know the following concepts/ideas. You SHOULD use this list as a guide and study both your notes and the textbook. Studying the notes only will not guarantee you a good grade! Geography: Overview - what is geography? - What do geographers do?-- what questions geographers ask? - What are the five fundamental themes in geography and their meanings - What do we mean by absolute and relative locations? - What are longitude and latitude? - What are physical and human characteristics of places (examples?) - the implications of an interdependent, globalizing world - The definitions of nation, country, state and nation-state - how many countries are in the world - % of white and non-white people in the world - % of Christian and non-Christian populations in the world - % of people in the world that suffer from malnutrition Europe: - general characteristics (boundaries, size, location, easy access to oceans, maritime economy, etc.) - What countries are in Scandinavia - what is
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