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Cukoo's Nest - Taqi 1 Ali Taqi Mrs Fienning AP English...

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Taqi 1 Ali Taqi Mrs. Fienning AP English Literature, 1 16 March 2008 One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest Journal 1. Context - “They spy on each other…the big log book by the Nurses’ Station and writes down the piece of information he heard of therapeutic interest to the whole ward, is what the Big Nurse says the book is for…”(Kesey 15). Response - This method that Nurse Ratched employs is not intended to be used for therapeutic healing, but rather it is a way for her to control everybody and make each patient turn against one another. This is apparent when Big Nurse holds a circle meeting to discuss the issues between Harding and his wife. During the discussion each of the Acutes turn and shout at each other, and Nurse Ratched does nothing to stop them, which is overall her. It seems that Nurse Ratched knows how to recognize the fears and struggles between the patients and knows how to put it to use, especially how she reminds the Acutes to be good in order to not be a Chronic. 2. Context- “Years of training, and all three black boys tune in closer and closer with the Big Nurse’s frequency… and operate on beams…they are in contact on a high-voltage wave length of hate…”(31). Response- This quote shows how Big Chief, the narrator of the novel, views Big Nurse and the way she runs the entire Combine. Big Chief thinks of Nurse Ratched as a mechanical robot, full of electronic gizmos that are time set to control everyone and everything all the time. The nature of Big Chief’s belief that the ward contains electronic devices controlled by
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Taqi 2 Nurse Ratched may relate back to the time when he served as an electrician’s assistant for the Army. Overall, Big Chief is trying to relate how the ward is finely tuned to a specific schedule that Big Nurse has set and nothing can delay it or reorganize it, this is especially important to know when McMurphy causes trouble. 3.
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Cukoo's Nest - Taqi 1 Ali Taqi Mrs Fienning AP English...

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