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Topics in Modern Society 10/10/07 A Doll’s House (General and Film) Essay Prompt: Include modernity text and earlier readings as much as possible Torvald likes Nora’s helplessness but Nora’s the one who take care of things. Similar to foot-binding. Both are womans’ helplessness. Men plays hero. Woman pretend to be helpless. Men’s ego because of society. Which part is society/Torvald. Torvald may not have thought about this. Does Torvald likes Nora’s helplessness or his fulfillment towards the society? Significance of the Doll’s House Nora= Doll, Does that make Torvald a man or a child who plays with dolls? Woman is man’s property. “I have a wife”. Reification—people as things. Motherhood—Torvald, sacred duty. Dr Rank’s love for Nora Nora could get money when the Rank’s dying. Moral choice. Nora’s still relying on Rank’s money.
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Unformatted text preview: Nora likes independence but is relying on Rank, Torvald and Krogstag. If she takes money from rank, shell go back to dependence. Ranks father Promiscuous, gave him syphilis Torvald believes moralitys genetics. Ranks father gave Rank bad morality. But Rank seem like a good guy. Noras spendy nature like father. Position of Nora Duty-to herself versus the family Everyones a doll manipulated by society Film VS play The outside into the play in the film. Expanded the realm which Nora interacted. House is confined and Nora is stuck in that house. Tension increases. Not everythings what it seems. House=warming, homey lovely? Highlighted parts of the film Helmer looks old and serious Kristine and Krogstog getting together early. Kristine and Nora having talk Marry for security/love. Marry for love = new concept....
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