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10-17-2007 - She sees her power She realizes her title and...

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17/10/2007 Topics in Modern Society Paper Due 29 th Raise the Red Latern and Miss Sophie’s Diary Monday How to respond to a theoretical text—Ray Chow piece 1 literary text , Modernity and other text. Depth, not shallow Raise the Red Lantern Woman’s fate to be a concubine Marriage is about money-status-property Dependent Duty to family—filial piety Sacrifice “Free Choice” Master not seen in the film Tradition = Rules First scene about duty—the second scene, makes the best of her situation Second scene
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Unformatted text preview: She sees her power She realizes her title and position Defiance of tradition No expectations of role Symbol of modernity Education Symbolises the new way of woman System of tradition crushes a new modernity Modernity is crazy compared to Tradition Third Wife: Modernity, not content Not submissive/loyal Independent at one time—opera singer Defiant Woman Manipulate Each Other Wrapped up in the family tradition Enforce them to play the game Husband Never humanize-demonized...
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