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Topics in Modern Society Thomas Lau Write paper A Doll’s House-(film) Clock Ticking-Bomb Nora—identity Who is Nora? Individual identity vs social identity Nora’s willing to go to achieve identity What Happens after Nora Leaves Home? Normal College—Teacher College Assumption: Woman had read the play, and in educated (probably in Chinese) Cultural Dominance: Western classics read by Chinese but not vice versa “How do these barbarians think?” – Assimilation Lu Xun raises questions but doesn’t tell them what to do. Tone: critical, realisitic Bird in a cage—freedom for safety. Dreamer-don’t wake up dreamers, especially when there is no way out.
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Unformatted text preview: Wake up ignorant? Or let the ignorant know even if he can’t change society? Choice of freedom? If there is no way out of iron house, is dream better? China The Chinese-awake? Lu Xun commenting on society—something wrong with normality. Sleeping society?—criticizing Chinese cultures Freedom if you’re basic needs are met Economic reading of Nora (like Marxism) How do we make a bigger social better? Humour Get a notebook and remember what it’s like to be young. Last page: “just to move a table or overhaul a stove probably involves shedding blood. Chinese loves to watch bloodshed, violence—critical...
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