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10-31-2007 - 3 rd world – Africa Asia South America...

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31/10/2007 Topics in Modern Society Third World Literature Next pieces to read: 2 pieces of nationalism due Saturday night Jameson Multi-nationalism 2 Different nationalism National achievements West has already proven nationalistic nature 3 rd world country needs to prove nationalism, Unity in face of powerful nation, Nationalism was brought to China during the May 4 th movement “You should just outgrow nationalism” “You must be modern” 1 st world-modern, capitalist, US, Western Europe, Australia, Japan 2 nd world- socialist, Eastern Europe
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Unformatted text preview: 3 rd world – Africa, Asia, South America, developing, poor Can’t compare cultural literature (apples and oranges) National Allegory (2 nd paragraph on page 69) Difference between world countries When Western talks about individuals, can’t compare lit When read lit, think of symbol as Chinese nation Third world can’t afford the luxury to not think about politics Western literature politics = unconscious Marx and Freud Freud= unconscious Marx = external...
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