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07/11/2007 Topics In Modern Society State and Nation State and Nation Violence to revolutionize Warlords doesn’t have total control over their own state Weber’s definition of nationalism is Eurocentric Modern state and nationalism goes hand in hand Usually state is morally right, and people will follow. If not, then violence Social vs Societal (Norm) Social Norm (state being social norm) State (normal way) Nationalism Moral Political Climate that helps to enforce the state, comes from violence and monopoly plus the common social belief Nationalism: Ethnic group and the political group should be one Problem: Ethnic diversity May 4 th movement: increase consciousness/awareness
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Unformatted text preview: Pre-agrarian, Agrarian and Industrial periods Modern Chinese want higher standards of living (industrialism) The cooperation of the state in order to move forward Nation A man doesn’t exist with nation Chinese felt confused China, lack of nation Nations are not a humanity attribute, but it seems like it Nationalism (brainstorm) If we were to imagine a national character of the Chinese Competitive, Flexible, Hard life to live, nationalistic, technologically advance, Girl, Guy, Woman, Man, Can’t be defined because the stereotype is outdated Nationalism National Character...
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