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24/10/2007 Topics of Modern Society Exam Date Dec. 19 th @ 2:00 Rey Chow’s reading (Sophie’s writing) Western = Modern in Chinese views Hierarchy of Value, Western values are higher Barlow = Chinese femininism Modernity of Chinese = Shanghai, but not truly Chinese. Decentralizing the Western thinking by nativizing and nationalizing of feminism Chinese = feminism? It’s reactionary rather than nationalistic. “Not Chinese enough, Feminism is not Chinese” Chinese female can never be both Chinese and Feminism Female writing representing herself (Westernized Chinese self representation) Time: Self time versus social time, psychic time versus chronological time Change in typical male-female sex relationship Mother figure = very significant for her, then going to Freudian thinking
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Unformatted text preview: Not understood by her friends, Only Yun understands her Sophie wants love and fulfilling the society’s role. Marrying for security and love. Identification of desire Masochistic females = fulfilling society, self sacrifice Woman’s suffering = China’s suffering Rey Chow (first part) Chinese woman, locust of social change Chinese are taking Western ideas China subversive of Modernity Tradition and Modernity must exist, Tradition then get lost and is written on Butterfly literature, people are buying it, tradition that can be bought and sold. Butterfly = self fulfilling, because people buy them, then they become Chinese...
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