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10-22-2007 - Strong because of tradition Younger woman who...

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22/10/2007 Topics in Modern Society Read Ray Chow—After Miss Sophia’s diary, 162-170, beginning of the section Readings Tuesday Night at 10 Raise the Red Lantern No choice in change—changes the world, Chinese weaker Servant as Japan Chinese woman (upper class with limited freedom) Most upperclass you are, the less freedom Chinese servants (lower class with more freedom) If you can’t change it, follow it Woman trapped in customs Chinese communist party Red=revolution Chinese is weak, but was strong.
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Unformatted text preview: Strong because of tradition Younger woman who comes in, are further away from tradition Education doesn’t help Money talks Basic duties done, everything else is lenient Chinese content with situation. Therefore China turns inwards Ms. Sophie’s Diary Lots of freedom in the time period, no responsibilities Restrained by lust and illness Freedom relative Absolute freedom Questioning her own idea Undermines the male role Female vs Male desires...
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