The social justice movement

The social justice movement - b Targeted specific...

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1The Social Justice Movement 1. Progressivism a. Progressives were influenced primarily by the ideas of the Darwinian revolution, specifically the idea that the world was constantly in transition and fluid b. Progressivism was the first modern reform movement; encompassed such diverse fields as environmentalism and birth control 2. Muckrakers a. A new breed of journalists prevalent in the 1890's that was interested in the form of written whistle-blowing: telling the readership what was wrong with America
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Unformatted text preview: b. Targeted specific governments and businesses such as the meat-packing industry 3. Reformers a. Instrumental in the establishment of child-labor legislation in the U.S. b. Targeted length of workday for women, birth control and sexuality c. Endorsed better housing and education, pointing to the detriment of urban overcrowding and establishing early fire codes d. Crusaded against saloons, brothels, and movie houses...
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