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postwar problems

postwar problems - week ii Educational opportunities...

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1. 1Post war problems a. The red scare i. As a result of the Russian revolution, Americans imagined Communists as the worst possible threat to their way of life ii. The ideals of Socialism and Communism were tied, often erroneously, to the American labor movement iii. Strikes increased and the government responded with a series of raids by a young J. Edgar Hoover to round up suspected subversives and radicals b. The Ku Klux Klan i. Organized in Georgia by William J. Simmons ii. Original Klan accepted almost anyone, 1919's Klan was thoroughly anti- foreign, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic iii. Opposed evolution, endorsed religion, immigrant restrictions, opposed short skirts and “demon rum” iv. Especially motivated to keep black Americans “in their place” c. The rising standard of living i. Americans of the post-war years had more leisure time and a shorter work
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Unformatted text preview: week ii. Educational opportunities expanded for the “right” demographic iii. Corporate mergers began to increase again, with an emphasis on professional management and employee care d. The automobile culture i. The manufacture of the automobile underwent enormous growth in the post-war years, stimulating the rubber, steel, and petroleum industries ii. The growing affordability of the auto forced governments to pave more streets with federal assistance iii. The auto contributed to the creation of city suburbs and rampant pollution e. A communications revolution i. During the 1920's, the number of homes with telephones increased from 9 to 13 million ii. Radio and motion pictures began to solidify a shored identity of Americans through entertainment, news, and sports 2. Hopes raised, Promises deferred...
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