Skin - h Hard keratin found in hair and nails contains sulfur 3 Dermis a Papillary dermal papilla(finger prints i Blood vessels ii Nerve endings

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1INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM 1. Functions of skin a. Protection - organisms, environment, trauma, water loss b. Regulate temperature c. Synthesis (vitamin D) + storage (adipose) of nutrients d. Excretion of waste/secretion (milk) e. Sensation - touch, pain 2. Epidermis a. Stratum corneum b. Palms of hands and soles of feet have stratum lucidum c. Stratum granulosum d. Stratum spinosum e. Stratum germinativum-------> melanocyte, produce melanin f. Keratinocytes produce waterproof protein, resists abrasion g. Soft keratin - found in skin
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Unformatted text preview: h. Hard keratin - found in hair and nails, contains sulfur 3. Dermis a. Papillary - dermal papilla (finger prints) i. Blood vessels ii. Nerve endings iii. Touch receptors b. Reticular i. More blood vessels ii. Sweat glands - suderiferous glands (1) eccrine/merocrine glands - regulate heat, carry out waste products (2) apocrine glands - axilla, genital - no heat regulation, secretions dumped into hair follicles, become active at puberty...
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