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Nervous System1 - inside the cell more Na on outside of...

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1Nervous System 1. Divisions a. Central nervous system (CNS) - brain + spinal cord i. Processes info b. Peripheral nervous system (PNS) - peripheral nerves i. Input (afferent) - sensory ii. Output (efferent) - motor 2. Nerve cells a. Neuroglia - supportive cells b. Neurons i. Parts (1) Dendrite(s) - receive signals (2) Cell body - soma (3) Axon - sends signal out ii. Types of Neurons (1) Multipolar - motor, most common (2) Unipolar - sensory (3) Bipolar - sensory 3. Nerve cell conduction a. Resting membrane potential - neuron is inactive, “Idling” state, more negative
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Unformatted text preview: inside the cell, more Na+ on outside of cell b. Stimulation occurs —> neurotransmitter released —> Na+ gates open c. Depolarization of the membrane —> begins action potential d. Na+ gates close —> cell leaks potassium e. Na+ - K+ pump is activated = active transport, needs ATP 4. Neurotransmitters a. Excitatory - Ach b. Inhibitory - GABA c. Threshold must be reached for AP (action potential) to occur d. Neurolemma = nerve cell membrane...
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