HEART - b. Tunica media - thicker, composed of smooth...

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1LEARN THE FLOW OF BLOOD THROUGH THE HEART 1. Fibrillation - heart muscle uncoordinated 2. Tachycardia - rapid heart beat (> 100 beats per min) 3. Bradycardia - slow heart beat (< 60 beats) 4. Cardiac output = heart rate X stroke volume = ml blood/min 5. Arteries —> vessel leading blood away from heart, thicker walls, more elastic, blood flow relatively fast 6. Veins —> vessel taking blood back to heart, thinner walls, not too elastic, slower flow, irregular lumen, valves 7. Capillaries 8. Layers a. Inner - tunica intimi, smooth layer - endothelial tissue
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Unformatted text preview: b. Tunica media - thicker, composed of smooth muscle c. Tunica externa - outer layer 9. Vasoconstriction - opening (lumen) gets smaller 10. Vasodilation - lumen gets larger 11. Artery &gt; arteriole &gt; capillaries - tiniest, one cell thickness, (slowest blood flow), nutrient/gas/waste exchange between body tissues and capillaries 12. Hepatic portal system - filters blood from digestive organs before returning to heart...
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