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1. 1Functions of bone a. Support b. Protection c. Storage i. Calcium ii. Fat - yellow marrow d. Formation of red blood cells - red marrow 2. Bone components a. 66% Calcium phosphate - gives bone its hardness b. 33% Collagen 3. 3 types of cells a. Osteocytes - mature bone cells b. Osteoblasts - bone forming cells c. Osteoclasts - bone dissolving cells d. Remodeling - building up/breaking down of bone e. Ossification - formation of bone 4. If calcium is too low in blood a. Parathyroid gland produces PTH (hormone) and Calcitrol - they increase activity of the osteoclasts 5. If calcium is too high
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Unformatted text preview: a. Thyroid gland produces calcitonin - decreases activity of osteoclasts 6. Axial a. Skull b. Vertebral column c. Sternum 7. Appendicular 8. Cartilage a. Cells - chrondrocytes b. Matrix - collagen c. Avascular 9. Joints = articulations a. Bone to bone - ligament b. Muscle to bone - tendon c. Types i. Fibrous - dont move, connect bones that have no movement, skull bones (called sutures) ii. Cartilageous joint - move slightly, pelvic area iii. Synovial joint - freely moving, shoulder, hip...
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