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PSYCHOLOGY EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE - painting’s title notice...

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Module 12 Notes “Introduction to Sensation and Perception” To construct the outside world inside our heads we must detect physical energy from the environment and then encode it as neural signals (a process traditionally called sensation). We must also select, organize, and interpret our sensations (a process called perception) Our perceptions are affected by the biology of our sensory systems, but also by our previous experiences and cultural expectations. Through bottom-up processing, drawing on our experiences & expectations, what we consider the
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Unformatted text preview: painting’s title, notice the apprehensive expressions, and then direct our attention to aspects of the painting that will give those observations meaning. (figure 12.1) Processing: experience, motivation, and expectations organization and interpretation The shades on our own senses are open just a crack, allowing us only a restricted awareness of this vast sea of energy. Phychophysics is the study of...
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