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C.Apply pressure to the puncta after instilling the medication -The nurse should instill the medication into the conjunctival sac and apply pressure to thepuncta for 1-2 minutes afterward to prevent systemic absorption of the medication. D.Place each drop of the medication directly onto theclient’scornea -incorrect: The nurse should instill the medication into theclient’sconjunctival sac and shouldtake measures to protect theclient’scornea during administration. 387.A newly licensed nurse is preparing to administer medications to a client. The nurse notes that the provider has prescribed a medication that is unfamiliar to him. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? A.Consult the medication reference book available on the unit -A nurse must have knowledge about medications to administer them safely. The nurse should become familiar with the medication by looking it up in the medication reference on the unit.
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