PIA #2 - in this study 1 Alcohol and alcoholic beverages 2...

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Title of Research: College Alcohol Researcher’s Name: Pro-Change Behavior Systems Researcher’s signature, if required: ____________________________________________ 1.) Briefly describe the research procedure: The research study, College Alcohol, was a survey intended to learning the drinking habits of college students. The survey started off with personal questions such as race and gender, and then moved into questions involving actual consumption of alcohol. The survey ended with questions on how the survey appeared to the participant, and a place for additional comments was available. 2.) Is this study best described as (check one option and then answer the relevant questions directly below your choice): CORRELATIONAL? __Yes ____ EXPERIMENTAL? ______ 3.) Based upon what you observed, Based upon what you observed, identify two variables that will probably what was an important independent be shown to be correlated in this study. variable
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Unformatted text preview: in this study? 1.) Alcohol and alcoholic beverages __________________________ 2.) Students/college aged people __________________________ 4. Do you expect a positive or What was an important dependent negative correlation? Why? variable ? I think the correlation could be __________________________ either positive or negative because everyone has different views on alcohol . __________________________ 5.) What were the limitations of the research in which you participated and how would you improve upon the procedures used in this study? (For example, were there any potential confounding variables that remained uncontrolled? Explain your answer.) I believe there were a few uncontrolled variables in this survey. First off, participates could have put down random answers just to finish the survey in a reasonable time, or to just get it out of the way. Another would be that some participants may lie about there answers for privacy reasons. Finally, the survey doesn’t give a chance for the participates to fully explain their actions....
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PIA #2 - in this study 1 Alcohol and alcoholic beverages 2...

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