Bio - History of 2D:4D finger studies - That a greater...

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History of 2D:4D finger studies - That a greater proportion of men have shorter index fingers than ring fingers than women had been noted several times through the 1800’s - 1983 – Glenn Wilson of Kings College, London published a study examining correlation between assertiveness in women and their digit radio - The first study to examine correlation between digit ratio and a psychological trait within members of the same sex - He proposed that skeletal structure and personality were simultaneously affected by sex hormone levels in utero - Digit ratio research has since exploded with an ongoing programme of research by John Manning in Liverpool and Marc Breedlove in California High 2d:4d – very feminine, breast cancer, high female fertility, low male fertility (index bigger than ring) Equal 2d:4d – most women Low 2d:4d – masculine, musical ability, left-handedness, autism, homosexuality (ring bigger than index) Finger length ratio (2d:4d) correlates with physical aggression in men but not in women This issue of whether our phenotypes and personalities are dictated by early childhood and our genes can be called “Genetic determinism” Phenotype= the shape and structure of our bodies Genetic determinism is largely derived from the ideas of evolutionary psychology This controversial branch of psychology argues that much of our behavior can be traced to our evolutionary roots Women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) have lower, more masculinized 2d:4d CAH is an inherited condition that is present at birth In CAH the adrenal glands do not produce enough of the right amount of hormones that are needed for our bodies to function normally The adrenal glands are a pair of small organs, each about the size of a walnut We may even be able to predict finger ratios at birth The ratio of testosterone to estradiol measured in amniocentesis samples correlates with the child’s subsequent 2d:4d ratio Variation among ethnic groups - variation among ethnic groups is purported to be far greater than between men and women - “there’s more difference between a Pole and a Finn than a man and a woman.” A quote by a researcher on this subject - The variation appears to be related to latitude, such that m Genetic basis - Digit ratio in men correlates with genetic variation in the androgen receptor gene
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Bio - History of 2D:4D finger studies - That a greater...

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