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Psych 2.26 notes - 2/26/08 Behavior & Attitude Attitude: a...

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2/26/08 Attitude: a favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction toward something or someone, exhibited in one’s beliefs, feelings or intended behavior ABC dimensions of attitudes -Affect (feelings) -Behavioral (intentions) -Cognition (thoughts) Measuring attitudes: -Measuring the ABC of attitudes (exp. Measuting attitudes twrd presidential candidates) -Affect: like of dislike? -Behaviral: intentions to vote for? -Cognition- good president? (beliefs of likelihoods) Its tempting to conclude that having positive attitudes toward candidates would lead to actual voting behavior -sometimes, but not always important exceptions Why Attitudes Might not Predict Behavior -cannot trust self-reports of behavior -reported attitudes can be influenced by: social desirability concerns- presenting oneself in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others Video Clip: Candid Camera-Space Doctors (Space Doctors does not exist) Wicker(1969): Attitudes do not do a good job of predicting actual behavior -volunteering -75% of people in the US agree that “people should volunteer some of the time” but only 33% report any volunteering in the past month Moral bypocrisy studies Moral hypocrisy (Batson)- appear moral w/o actually incurring cost of morality -participants could choose between a rewarding task (raffle to win 30$) and a
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Psych 2.26 notes - 2/26/08 Behavior & Attitude Attitude: a...

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