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history175notes8.29.07 - • writing software designing the...

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lecture responses- pick up card on entering class, put name and section # on top, answer question at the end ofthe hour, drop off in box with section leaders name. section leader- jeremy best THE TOPIC science and tech are bother modern words- their current meanings are only about 150 years old science refers to a specific type of knowledge. from latin sciencia? science encompasses the way in which we humans seek to know the world around us. our definition of science changes as time progresses. questuions of how? technology involces the way in which we do things in the world- particulary those activites which involved making things or using made things. example-playing violin?
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Unformatted text preview: • writing software- designing the ways to use things. • • the relationshp between knowing and doing- complex, differs over time, place, and cultures • • western civilization- limits our concerns, emergest in the near east ca. 5000 years ago, centers on the medterranean world beginning ca. 3000 years ago, essentially european for about 2000 years, north atlantic for the last 500 years. • geography and chronology- try o be conscious of places and times, history is not all "names and dates" but always has geographic and chronological context(you will be lost with a sense of these), seek out maps and chronologies (list of key dates) • civilization-organized ppl? •...
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