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Final Exam Review - Point at which a boat can no longer...

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Final Exam – History of American Cities December 7, 2007 Cities developed on interior as well not only on the coast. West of the Mountains; North of the Ohio River 5 Cities in region with enormous trade expansion 1. Saint Louis 1763 – end of 7 years war commercial trade venue New Orleans trading company sent expedition for a trading post At mouth of two rivers could control trade going south on ohio river Founded before people began growing crops Someone established this city with was NOT a two highways theory city Put city there – someone planned it out (grid city plans) By 1800 about 1000 people lived there 2. Pittsburgh 1764 – established by French (Fort Duquesne) Control waterways/travel and trade Water power, access to coal and iron ore deposits, farmland, unlimited access to trade Grows slowly after the American Revolutionary War 1790 Census – 365 people Grows rapidly 1600 residents within 10 years 3. Louisville On Ohio River fall line at river
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Unformatted text preview: Point at which a boat can no longer travel or sail up stream and or take goods with them Had to travel with goods over land Broad rich plane/ grassland and/or farmland harbor for a small river 1778 established by General George Rogers Clark (Brother of William Clark) built as a fort against british for Rev. War he took 20 families with him Planned square twon 6X12 blocks town 1800 359 residents 4. Lexington, KY Kentucky derby horse racing area Only city of the 5 not navigable by boat/river All major trails out of appalachain mountains end in this city Travelors can not take items with them must buy after trail General depot 1779 1 st settlement block houses to protect from Indians 648 square acres one sq mile 3X7 street blocks Large public square 1790 835 1800 1800 (largest American city across the mountains Based on acres 5. Cincinnati...
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Final Exam Review - Point at which a boat can no longer...

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