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Final Exam Review - Point at which a boat can no longer...

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Final Exam – History of American Cities December 7, 2007 Cities developed on interior as well not only on the coast. West of the Mountains; North of the Ohio River 5 Cities in region with enormous trade expansion 1. Saint Louis 1763 – end of 7 years war commercial trade venue New Orleans trading company sent expedition for a trading post At mouth of two rivers could control trade going south on ohio river Founded before people began growing crops Someone established this city with was NOT a two highways theory city Put city there – someone planned it out (grid city plans) By 1800 about 1000 people lived there 2. Pittsburgh 1764 – established by French (Fort Duquesne) Control waterways/travel and trade Water power, access to coal and iron ore deposits, farmland, unlimited access to trade Grows slowly after the American Revolutionary War 1790 Census – 365 people Grows rapidly 1600 residents within 10 years 3. Louisville On Ohio River fall line at river
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Unformatted text preview: Point at which a boat can no longer travel or sail up stream and or take goods with them Had to travel with goods over land Broad rich plane/ grassland and/or farmland harbor for a small river 1778 – established by General George Rogers Clark (Brother of William Clark) built as a fort against british for Rev. War he took 20 families with him Planned square twon 6X12 blocks town 1800 – 359 residents 4. Lexington, KY Kentucky derby horse racing area Only city of the 5 not navigable by boat/river All major trails out of appalachain mountains end in this city Travelors can not take items with them must buy after trail General depot 1779 – 1 st settlement – block houses to protect from Indians 648 square acres – one sq mile 3X7 street blocks Large public square 1790 – 835 1800 – 1800 (largest American city across the mountains Based on acres 5. Cincinnati...
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Final Exam Review - Point at which a boat can no longer...

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