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alexander timeline - 356 B.C. Alexander born in Pella. The...

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356 B.C. Alexander born in Pella. The exact date in unknown, but probably either 20 or 26 July. Philip captures Potidaea. Parmenio defeats Paeonians and Illyrians. 354 B.C. Demosthenes attacks idea of a 'crusade against Persia'. ? Mid-summer: Philip captures Mathone: loses an eye in the battle. 352 B.C. Artabazus and Memnon refugees with Philip , who now emerges as potential leader of crusade against Persia. 351 B.C. Philip's fleet harassing Athenian shipping. Demosthenes' First Philippic. 348 B.C. August: Philip captures Olynthus. Aeschines' attempt to unite Greek states against Philip fails. 346 B.C. March: embassy to Philip from Athens. Halus besieged by Parmeniio April: peace of Philocrates ratified. Second Athenian embassy held up till July. July: Philip occupies Thermopylae. August: Philip admitted to seat on Amphictyonic Council, and presides over Pythian Games. Isocrates publishes Philippus. 344 B.C. Philip appointed Archon of Thessaly for life. 343 B.C. Non-aggression pact between Philip and Artaxerxes Ochus. Trail and acquittal of Aeschines. 343 B.C. Aristotle invited to Macedonia al Alexander's tutor. 342 B.C.
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Olympia's brother Alexander succeeds to throne of Epirus with Philip 's backing. 340 B.C. Congress of Allies meets in Athens. Demosthenes awarded gold crown at Dionysia. Alexander left as Regent in Macedonia: his raid on Maedi and the foundation of Alexandropolis. Philip 's campaign against Perinthus and Byzantium. 339 B.C. September: Philip occupies Elatea. Isocrates' Panathenaicus. 338 ? B.C. August 2: Battle of Chaeronea. Alexander among ambassadors to Athens. Philip marries Attalus' niece Cleopatra. Oylmpias and Alexander in exile. 337 B.C. Spring: Hellenic League convened at Corinth. Recall of Alexander to Pella. Autumn: League at Corinth ratifies crusade to against Persia. 336 B.C. Spring: Parmenoi and Attalus sent to Asia Minor for preliminary military operations. June: accession of Darius III Codomannus.
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alexander timeline - 356 B.C. Alexander born in Pella. The...

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