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Sociology Notes

Sociology Notes - 5 12-19 Adolescence – Identity vs Role...

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Sociology Notes……2/6/08 Freud Erikson Piaget Kohlberg Mead Gilligan Freud – Psychosexual Theory Erikson – Social Development in 8 stages. Theory states that “tasks” mastered at each stage if not equals negative personal trait. Stage Theory 1) 0-2 Trust vs. Mistrust Crucial period in a persons life
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Unformatted text preview: 5) 12-19 Adolescence – Identity vs. Role Confusion 8) Old Age – Integrity vs. Despair Piaget - Cognitive Development – How we think – Broke theories into nature. 1) 0-2 Sensorimotor 4) 12+ Abstract Thinking...
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