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Writing Assignment #2 - Eric Ly

Writing Assignment #2 - Eric Ly - only thing controversial...

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Eric Ly Biology Marra November 29, 2007 Evolution biology is the study of the origin of species from a common ancestor. Evolutionary biology not only can look at species and where they originated but can look at many other aspects and try and pinpoint where they originated. For example evolutionary biology can be used to try and figure out where diseases like AIDS and the HIV virus originated from. This information can be used to help find cures or better treatments for diseases. Scientists can look at DNA evidence and determine where viruses started and using that information they can help better the people suffering from these diseases. The
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Unformatted text preview: only thing controversial with evolutionary biology is that evolution is just a theory and that it is contradicting to what Christians believe in how God was the creator of the human race. However, using evolutionary biology and looking at DNA evidence an have potential to help many people. It is believed that HIV was a strand of virus that started in monkeys and throughout the years that strand jumped hosts and started infecting humans. So I do believe that evolutionary biology has potential and the research done in that field of science can contribute greatly....
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