October 23-ch21 - October 23, 2007 Chapter 21 Terrestrial...

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October 23, 2007 Chapter 21 Terrestrial Adaptations Conducting Vessels o Transport water and nutrients throughout plant Lignin o Stiffening agent found in cell walls; supports plat body Reproduction without water Pollen o A reduced male gametophyte that allows wind (instead of water) to carry sperm to eggs Seeds o Nourish, protect, and help disperse developing embryos Flowers o Attract pollinators Fruits o Attract animals to disperse seeds Major groups of plants Bryophytes (nonvascular) o Lack well developed structures for conducting water and nutrients Vascular Plants (tracheophytes) o Complex vascular system The bryophytes Lack true roots, stems, or leaves Have rhizoids, root like anchoring structures Limited body size o Nonvascular o No stiffening agent Most are restricted to moist habitats o Motile sperm must swim to egg Gametophyte generation is dominant Sporophyte remains attached to and is dependant to parental gametophyte Include liverworts, hornworts, and moss Gametes develop within protected structures on gametophytes o May be located on same plant or different plants Fertilization: sperm swim to egg Diploid sporophytes developed within archegonium of gametophyte The Vascular Plants Roots, Stems and Leaves Vessels impregnated with lignin
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Sporophyte generation is dominant The Seedless Vascular Plants Gametes develop within archegonia and antheridia
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October 23-ch21 - October 23, 2007 Chapter 21 Terrestrial...

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