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December 4-ch34 - December 4 2007 Chapter 34 Nutrition and...

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December 4, 2007 Chapter 34 Nutrition and Digestion Flood: that which contains nutrients needed for survival Nutrients o Lipids o Carbohydrates Energy obtained from nutrients Most energy used by cells is derived from carbohydrates and fats Lipids Essential nutrients Diverse o Triglycerides Energy source o Phospholipids Cell membranes o Cholesterol Cell membranes, sex hormones, bile Some animals are able to synthesized all components of all lipids Animals store energy as fats Excess is stored as fat 3600 calories/pound Carbohydrates Energy source Structural component Broken down into sugars Amino acids and proteins Digested into amino acid subunits Used to make new proteins Humans synthesize 10 of the 20 amino acids Rest is from diet Proteins have many functions o Enzymes o Cell membrane receptors o Oxygen transport molecules o Structural proteins
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o Antibodies o Muscles o An energy source Protein deficiency o Results in several debilitating conditions
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