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child dev paper - Kristen Simon Child Dev Period 3 Deafness...

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Kristen Simon Child Dev. Period 3 Deafness and Children To most parents, no matter what, they love their children. Whether they have one or seven, in most cases each child is special in their own way. In each parents’ heart they hope and pray that their child will be better than the rest, or maybe not; they just hope their child is exactly what they want. For most parents no matter what the child turns out like, they are exactly what the parents wanted. Now I’m talking about a normal healthy child, imagine if you found out at your child’s birth that they are deaf, or have a possibility of hearing loss because of an infection infants can have at birth. Would your child still be your angel, would they still be everything you’ve ever dreamt your kid would be? There has been a study going on investigating the screening of newborns for a common, “usually silent” infection. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a virus or infection found in newborns at birth. About 1% or 40,000 infants born each year are infected with CMV (Link 1
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between...). “Of these, about 10-15% will develop significant health problems, most often hearing problems, as a result of infection,” says Karen Fowler. Fowler is a research associate professor and a co- principal investigator from the University or Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). UAB was awarded a 7 year, $15.6 million grant to this investigation of newborns. Roughly 90% or CMV infected children will show no signs at birth, but later it will start to show more (Link between…). Also according to a study CMV causes 20-30% of hearing loss in children.
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