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Hello, my name is Sabastian and today I will be talking about I am the Cheese byRobert Cormier. This fictional book deals with the corrupt government that betrays those it is supposed to protect and shows that individuals are powerless against the government. The book I am cheese takes place in the characters head a bike trip, a hospital, and the main character’s house and follows the story of Adam farmer who is psychotically unstable and is a curious person and needs to figure out what’s going on. In the first of a series of undated taped transcripts between Adam and a doctor named Brint, Brent asks Adam to remember his earliest memories. Adam lied to Amy that they only lived in Rawlings for a few months, but he became more curious about his family's past. Brint asks Adam
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Unformatted text preview:if he thinks his father lied to him about coming from Rawlings, but Adam says no. The main conflict ends up being that Adam was being kept in the dark and he needs to find out what is happening. Adam is a curious person and the text supports this because it says that he would sneak to the door and listing to what his parents were saying. This book was on the list because of its language and its themes. This is because this book was written for teens and it got many parents mad on what the themes were and the language. Overall I do not believe that the concerns are justified because the language and themes really wernt that bad from my perspective.