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Chapter 2 - CHAPTER 2 Career Planning Career The lifework...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 2 Career Planning Career The lifework chosen by a person to use personal talent, education, and training Career Planning Finding employment that will use your interests and abilities and will support you financially Key Steps in Successful Career Planning Create a career goal and plan Clarify your interests Review abilities, experiences and education Identify your values Consider costs, benefits, and lifestyle Key Steps in Successful Career Planning Align yourself with tomorrow's employment trends Take advantage of networking Target preferred employers Be willing to change career goals and plans Financial and Legal Aspects of Employment Compare salary and living costs in different cities Place value on employee benefits Know your legal employment rights Cities With Different Living Costs Salary 1 X index 2 = salary 2 index 1 Effective Employment Search Strategies Assemble a resume Identify job opportunities Write an effective cover letter Obtain strong reference letters Apply for the job Interview for success Career Advancement Tips Find mentors Volunteer for new assignments Sign up for employer-sponsored training and seminars Attend meetings and conferences in your field Complete certification programs Career Advancement Tips Take graduate level courses Stay alert to changes in your field Be up-to-date on current events Be actively involved in something other than work Change jobs when appropriate ...
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