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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Vehicle and Other Major Purchases...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 Vehicle and Other Major Purchases Needs versus Wants Need something thought to be a necessity Want something that is unnecessary but desired Guidelines for Wise Buying Don't buy on impulse Pay cash when possible Buy at the right time Don't pay extra for a brand name Recognize the high price of convenience Steps in the Planned Buying Process Prioritizing wants Pre-shopping research Fitting the budget Comparison shopping Negotiating Making the decision Complimenting/complaining Complaint Procedures Local Business Manufacturer Self-regulatory organizations Consumer action agencies Court system The Best Buy The best buy is acceptable quality at the lowest price. Five Terms in Leasing Gross capitalized cost Capitalized cost reductions Adjusted capitalized cost Residual value Lease (money) factor Smart Car Buying Know exactly what you want Carry brochures from various dealers Shop without your spouse Shop at the end of the month Smart Car Buying Don't pay the dealer for extras you don't want or need Discuss your trade-in after you arrive at a purchase price Don't buy the first car you see Shop your financing options Smart Car Buying Negotiate price first Consider leasing Use the car up Used cars may be the best deal Buying a Used Vehicle Decide how much to spend Decide on features and options Find out about reliable vehicles in your price range Search for vehicles Avoid credit rebuilders Buying a Used Vehicle Quickly rule out unworthy vehicles Check your selection carefully Check the vehicle's history Negotiate and decide ...
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