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apoptosis essay - Kristen Bettino Cell Bio The Role of...

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Cell Bio The Role of Apoptosis and Cell-Signaling Many diseases that are viewed as the most ill-fated are those that relate to the life cycle of a cell. For example, a cell’s ability to naturally end its life through a process called apoptosis is inhibited in cancerous cells, resulting in irrepressible cell division. Contrarily, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s are caused by the destruction of brain cells in the substantia nigra that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease are also attributed to death of cells in the brain. Normally, cells go through a cycle in which it is eventually necessary to self-destruct. This occurs when a cell receives a signal to initiate apoptosis. Capsases, which are a type of protein known as cystein proteases, break down polypeptides and other components that are required for normal cell functioning, such as DNA repair enzymes. The apoptotic cell then repackages itself into a form that can be easily engulfed and removed. Researchers working on cures for these diseases are generally looking for ways to stimulate or terminate apoptosis initiation, depending on the nature of the disease. Stimulating regeneration or re-creation of specific cells could lead to treatment of degenerative diseases, while terminating the process in certain cells could lead to new findings on a cure for cancer. Consequentially, one of the most important parts of apoptosis in regards to this research is the preliminary cell signaling needed to initiate the apoptotic process. In order to thoroughly examine the research being done on these diseases, it is
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apoptosis essay - Kristen Bettino Cell Bio The Role of...

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