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Ch 1 (4) Definitions and Areas of Psychology -Psychometrics- statistics and the development of facts -Biopsychology-motivation, addiction, evolution, genetics -Clinical- normal/anormal behavior, emotional difficulties -Industrial-Organizational- individuals in organizations -Social- attitude, inter-personal relationships, groups (8) History and Philosophy -Greek Big 3-Socrates, Plato,Aristotle -Geocentric view- earth is center -Heliocentric view- sun is center -Rene Descartes-first to make distinction b/w mind and body -Descartes Hydraulic Model of Reflex Action-“hot foot” -Tabula Raza-blank slate-Hobbes,Locke,Hume -Charles Darwin- variation and selection -Structuralism- the structure of the mind, Tichner, Wundt -1879-first psy lab
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Unformatted text preview: -Functionalism- study of functions of behavior, William James-Behaviorism-study of behavior, Pavlov, Watson, Skinner- Witmer- first Psy clinic @ U of Penn Ch 2 (5) Scientific Method and Theory (3) Pseudoscience (2) Basic Research Methods (4) Correlation and Causation (3) Experiments (4) Experimental Problems (1) Measures of Central Tendency Ch 3 (1) History (4) Parts of a neuron and action potential (5) Synaptic Transmission (6) Drug effects, agonist/antagonist (3) Peripheral Nervous System (6) Central Nervous System and Function (3) Split Brain, cat/flower Ch 4 (2) History-Weber and Fechner, sensation and perception- Constant, k = .025 (1) Signal detection (11) Vision (1) Other senses...
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