The "New Global South"

The "New Global South" - Zane Giffen HIST 009-305...

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Unformatted text preview: Zane Giffen HIST 009-305 4/2/08 Essay #6 Introductions/Propositions (Draft 2) The New Global South In the period leading up to and following the Second World War, the travel and tourism industry experienced massive changes in the United States and abroad. As the car and other modern technologies took hold in middle class populations on a widespread basis, the socioeconomic gap between countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Germany and their neighbors to the south widened. Western Europeans, now placing a higher value on leisure, lobbied for and were granted more time off, often receiving five or more weeks of paid vacation time annually. Looking for places not overrun by run-of-the-mill tourists, travelers sought warm, natural beach spots along the Mediterranean in Italy or on the French Rivera. While numbers were initially small enough to allow tourists to remain relatively unnoticed, beach tourism quickly became fashionable, and the masses (in part thanks to the improvements in mass tourism pioneered by Cook) followed. Popular destinations that were once scenic quickly became overpopulated and, as a result, the industry would move to another destination, create the cookie-...
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The "New Global South" - Zane Giffen HIST 009-305...

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