The "American Version" of the Grand Tour

The "American Version" of the Grand Tour - Zane...

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Zane Giffen HIST 009-305 Essay #5 – Concession 3/24/08 – Draft 2 Since the mid-1800s, thousands of Americans have flocked to Europe each year, seeking pleasure, cultural knowledge, social interaction, or all of these things. Despite marked changes in travel literature, transportation, and access to information, the common destinations of travelers have remained relatively constant throughout the years; England, France (with an emphasis on Paris), and Italy, the most common destinations of the 1800s and even during the English “Grand Tour” of the 17 th century, maintain their allure today. Hailing from a country that is, even today, very young, Americans have always seemed to be drawn towards the distinctively old culture and architecture of southern and western Europe, much like the English were during the height of the Grand Tour. In fact, many parallels can be drawn between post-Reformation England and post-Revolution America. Both had experienced significant changes in their lives and also a period of relative isolation. More importantly, both cultures held a see-it-for-yourself view of
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The "American Version" of the Grand Tour - Zane...

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