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Meno Study Questions Pre reading Questions 1. How did Meno's definition of virtue make virtue be a part of virtue? 2. How does Socrates reformulate Meno's question about how to look for something we don't know? 3. After Socrates teaches the slave boy how to build a four foot square on the diagonal of a two foot square, why does the slave boy only have opinions, but not yet knowledge, of what he just learned? 4. What reasons would lead to the conclusion that virtue is not knowledge? 5. What is the importance of showing that prominent good people failed to pass on their virtue to their children? 6. In what ways is true opinion just as good as knowledge? 7. How can true opinions become knowledge? 8. How does Socrates end up answering Meno's question about virtue? Pot Reading questions 1. What are the definitions of virtue that Meno presents in the dialog? Explain in detail how Socrates  shows that each of these definitions is not accurate.  2. What is the doctrine of Recollection? Where and how did Socrates hear of this doctrine? Does the 
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