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Porter stories review questions - KATHERINE ANNE PORTER...

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KATHERINE ANNE PORTER STORIES – SMALL GROUPS APRIL 3, 2008 GROUPS SHOULD PREPARE ANSWERS AHEAD OF TIME TO PRESENT IN CLASS. Look at the questions assigned to the other groups – they will suggest how you should narrow your answer. You do not have to provide a point-by-point answer. But give a response that somehow takes into account the specific questions related to your topic. Group 1 – “The Cracked Looking Glass” Lauren DiGregorio - Scribe; Charlie Hutton - Reporter; Ryan Cruthers - enthusiastic participant. Rosaleen’s “dreams” and her stories. Note that the Irish are known for their gift of “blarney” –-- flattering or wheedling talk; deceptive or misleading talk; nonsense; hooey—or story-telling. (In fact, the ghostly black dog which the neighbor boy says he sees is a common element in traditional Irish folklore). How much of Rosaleen’s “dreams” is a reflection of the Irish propensity to tell stories and how much is just part of her personality? Contrast her to Dennis, who is also Irish. To what extent do you think that Rosaleen actually believes her dreams? What psychological and/or social function do the “dreams” seem to serve in her life? Try to interpret each “dream” in terms of a fact or episode of Rosaleen’s life. What does Dennis think about her dreams and stories? Think of the relationship between “dreams” and the recollection of the past. What is similar and what is different about the way that Dennis and Rosaleen think about their past? (pp 105-107, 111-112, 113). Rosaleen thinks of her life as “nothing but disasters, one after another” (p. 113) – what are the “disasters?” How can “dreams’ and “stories” be a way of coping with the past? Does the meaning of “dream” change in the end of the story? Rosaleen ends up saying to herself, “life is a dream.” What does she mean by this? Group 2 – “The Cracked Looking Glass”
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Porter stories review questions - KATHERINE ANNE PORTER...

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