The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper - Study Questions to"The Yellow Wallpaper(to guide your reading and to offer suggestions for writing Gilman's story is called

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Study Questions to “The Yellow Wallpaper” (to guide your reading, and to offer suggestions for writing) Gilman’s story is called in Wikipedia "a thinly veiled indictment of the Rest Cure." The "rest cure" was a treatment plan devised by one Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell for female hysteria and nervous breakdown. It consisted of “bed rest, isolation from family, overfeeding to increase fat volume, massage and occasional use of electricity on the muscles.” In the early stage of treatment, the patient was prohibited from leaving her bed or engaging in any activities such as reading, writing, sewing, conversing – or even feeding herself (Wikipedia). Of course, it is easy for us to see, as it was for Gilman to see, that this “cure” is more likely to drive a person deeper into depression and nervous collapse, which is what is dramatized in the story. But the story also is an indictment of the patronizing attitude of men toward women and of the very circumscribed role assigned to a married woman. Note that she says of her sister-in-law
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