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Geology Notes - Geology Notes Stratigraphy Study of...

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Geology Notes Stratigraphy - Study of strata/sediments Strata - Layers Fossils - remains of prehistoric life Some Strata contain Fossils Leonardo DaVinci (1638-1686) First to Correctly interpret the nature of fossils What can we interpret from Fossils? -Uplift Niel Stenson Florence Italy Steno’s Stratigraphic Principles 1) Principle of superposition - as sediment deposits the bottom layer is the oldest and younger layers are deposited in top of it 2) Principle of Horizontality - Bed are deposited horizontally 3) Principle of Lateral continuity - strata is continuous James Hutton Unconformities -missing time in Stratigraphic record - missing strata caused by erosion or non-deposition Unconformity types -Disconformity - Angular unconformity - NonConformity Charles Lyell Principle of cross-cutting relations Principle of inclusions or components Eons ( HAPP) Phanerozoic- appearance of animals with shells Proterozoic- Before animals had shells-early life
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Archean- ancient- earliest crust Hadean-Earth formed (4.5 billion years)-Hott Molten earth
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